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I just downloaded the AFG Pilatus PC-12 Base pack from Avsim and installed everything it said to. I then went to fly the plane and discovered it didnt have an airspeed gauge. Has anyone else come across this or have i dont something wrong? Embarassed

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I dont know about the specific craft,but in general you can open your zip.file and check what your gauges folder contains.Compare them with those you have put in gauges folder,maybe you miss something(i know its hard)or just re-extract them and check the results.

And an obvious but just in case notice.Always restart FS after installing add-ons.

Let us know and be sure that more experts than me will follow.

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From what I can see the file comes with a setup.exe. That would be the easy part. I'm not suggesting that you've overlooked anything, but it's always a good idea to double check just as Greekman pointed out.

I'm quoting from the Readme.txt:


We are very happy to be allowed the use of David Durst PC-12 panel. At AFG we have made some additions to the panel for this package to be "complete". We are obliged to follow David´s wishes on how to incorporate his panel.

Due to a copy protection we could not use the same gauges in the vc as in the 2D panel.
This will leave a bit of work for you to do now.

Install the setup file to Fs2004 root folder ( often c:\program files\microsoft games\microsoft flightsimulator 9 )

PLEASE GO TO THE PANEL FOLDER IN AFGPC12L AND READ THE "HOW TO INSTALL" For the separate installment of the panel.

Just go through the whole procedure again and retrace your steps... maybe you've missed something Hack

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I down loaded the aircraft and installed into a file called junk. seem to install two air craft the AFGCP12L and the AFGCP12S in the
aircraft folder
_____how to install.txt

found additional zips in the AFGPC12L/panel
the how to install.txt (below)


We know it was possible to make the install simpler but in accordance with David Durst, we had to do it this way. We are very thankfull to David Durst and Marco Ravanello for letting us use their panel in this project. You can use David´s panel alone, but then you will not be able to use the VC and enjoy special effects . Infact "if you are a real life pilot you might prefer the original panel" quote David Durst.

The changes we made are what we feel better suited for flightsim purposes and also to make the VC work. Unfortanetely the original gauges have a protection so they were impossible to implement in the vc.


- First you must have installed "" (This is the package made by David Durst and Marco Ravanello)
It contains the documentation for the panel.


- Extract "additional files by" to a temp folder.

- Move the two panel folders ( panel & ) into the "AFGPC12L" (Notice the"L"at the end of the folder name) folder and overwrite all.

- Move the gauge folder into FS9 Folder and overwrite all.

That´s it.

I think you will be ok once you resolve the additional zips.

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