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I'm having problems with Fs passengers. Upto now, so far so good, But, since I've bought the Airbus fleet, Fsp wont recognise the default payload for the A340-600 or the A350-800. When I try to load the aircraft with passengers, I get the message..........

Default payload model. A specific payload model for this aircraft is'nt available in your installation. A default one based on the aircrafts weight will be used.

When I click on (o.k.) nothing happens, no passengers to load !!! and no default payload installed either.

I've searched through all the payload model downloads on FsPassengers web site, but can only come accross the A310-A330 and A380.

I've looked at the payload editor because it says that you can do it yourself, but after several tries, I've got nowhere Crying or Very sad is there an easier way to solve this ??? thanks.

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When ever you get that message just reload your aircraft and start again.

press ALT
Change Plane
Select another model than go back to your Airbus.
Know start FSPassengers and then you should be able to load your pax & cargo.

Let me know how you get on......



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Thanks for your reply Liono Bow Down

I've tried what you suggested, but still no joy. When I click on o.k. to load a default payload, it just brings up a default light aircraft with 0-4 passengers, but does'nt actually let you load passengers or cargo.
I think I'll uninstall FSP and reload it with any updates available, thanks for your help. Smile

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Can you post a link(s) to the aircarft and I can give it a go. If it's payware aircraft then I can't help you but freeware then no problem

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Hi again Liono Smile it is payware ( Abacus Airbus Fleet ) all the other models work and load o.k. it's just the 2 I've mentioned. I'll uninstall and install FSP again, I've nothing to lose really. Again, thanks for your help Thumbs Up! I'll let you know how I get on.

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Instead of checking here first, why not post a report on FsPassenger's forum? They'd be able to help you out more Wink

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Cheers F.E.M. Smile done that.

Cheers TTT Smile I've tried with the Payload Editor, but can't seem to get any results Doh! Doh! Doh! thanks for your replies.

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