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HI everyone, is it possible to turn on or off the runway lights at the airport.
Is there any specific keyboard command. Please help
Thanks and Happy flying.

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

I don't think so....But hang out awile and let the pros answer that....I know of no feature to do that.....But...ya never know......

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In the real world the lights at airports without a control tower can be turned on by clicking your microphone button a certain number of times in rapid sequence. One airport may require three rapid clicks and another four clicks, etc. That way pilots may land after normal business hours when no one is present to turn them on for late arrivals.

Unfortunately I don't know of any way to click your mike button in the flight sim. You would also have to know the "secret" number of clicks for a particular airport. Also, I don't know if microsoft programmed the lights to be turned on that way. 🙄

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