Any decent routes for the Defualt Baron 58??

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Hey people,

was just wondering wether anyone knew any decent routes for the default Beech 58 in FS2004?? The routes should last for about 30 - 45 mins. The routes should be really exciting as I'm hoping to fly something fun for once 😉 If possible can routes be any other than the UK as I'm sure that I have flown nearly every short hop in the UK and they are pretty boring 😀



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Try this one... preferably without using GPS

VFR Inverness to Tromso.PLN

title=EGPE to ENTC
description=EGPE, ENTC
departure_id=EGPE, N57* 32.86', W4* 2.17', +000030.99
destination_id=ENTC, N69* 41.60', E18* 55.54', +000030.99
waypoint.0=, EGPE, , EGPE, A, N57* 32.86', W4* 2.17', +000030.99,
waypoint.1=EG, KWL, , KWL, V, N58* 57.58', W2* 53.64', +000065.00,
waypoint.2=EG, SUM, , SUM, V, N59* 52.73', W1* 17.19', +000084.00,
waypoint.3=EN, VOO, , VOO, V, N60* 32.94', E5* 7.73', +001050.00,
waypoint.4=EN, FLO, , FLO, V, N61* 34.89', E5* 1.21', +000065.99,
waypoint.5=EN, SD, ENSD, SD, N, N61* 50.75', E6* 2.09', +000195.99,
waypoint.6=EN, VIG, , VIG, V, N62* 33.12', E6* 2.07', +000285.00,
waypoint.7=EN, FJ, , FJ, N, N62* 41.63', E6* 25.63', +000069.00,
waypoint.8=EN, TAT, , TAT, N, N62* 40.79', E6* 54.74', +000000.00,
waypoint.9=EN, KVB, , KVB, V, N63* 7.09', E7* 48.64', +000684.00,
waypoint.10=EN, UTH, , UTH, N, N63* 43.37', E9* 34.67', +000000.00,
waypoint.11=EN, BNN, , BNN, V, N65* 27.42', E12* 12.86', +000068.00,
waypoint.12=EN, VFL, , VFL, V, N65* 52.76', E13* 18.48', +002091.99,
waypoint.13=EN, FSK, , FSK, N, N67* 15.84', E15* 8.43', +000023.00,
waypoint.14=EN, ODD, , ODD, N, N68* 23.90', E16* 7.38', +000084.00,
waypoint.15=EN, SJA, , SJA, N, N69* 9.68', E17* 48.95', +000635.99,
waypoint.16=EN, TRO, , TRO, V, N69* 42.17', E18* 59.81', +000545.00,
waypoint.17=EN, TM, ENTC, TM, N, N69* 43.13', E18* 56.55', +000030.99,
waypoint.18=, ENTC, , ENTC, A, N69* 41.60', E18* 55.54', +000030.99,

Flying over Norway at sunrise in clear weather is one of the most beautiful routes I've come across so far. If you're flying the Baron I'd really recommend the trip. There are plenty of airstrips and tiny airports that will be challenging to perform a touch and go on because of the steep hills... give it a go. 🙂

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Have you ever seen this site? i use all the time just to explore.


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Thanks for the link Flyboy

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