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As we eagerly await the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, let us not forget the way that Flight Simulator began. One day after the release Flight Simulator X, we will complain that we what more. We want this..., we what that. I'm impressed with MSFS 2004. I remember all of the editions that proceeded it. When you compare it to the first few editions, the difference is amazing. For the younger members of our community and those that have never seen it, I offer a website that shows the history and evolution of Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can even download earlier versions to experience the history for yourself 🙂


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yeah,i agree it's always:good,but can be better.we always want more.
microsoft is doing amazing stuff and we never really appreciate it.i mean, we like it but we always see the disadvantages. 😕
Let's look at the bright side of fsx this time. 🙄

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Perhaps you guys will also be interested in one of our own articles...:

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flyaway wrote:

Perhaps you guys will also be interested in one of our own articles...:

Very interesting and specific article,like CRJs one.
I have to admit that i hadnt notice this Embarassed till now...and it was in our ...home ❗ ... 😉

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I remember the first edition of this I owned back in the early 80's. It has come a long way. I use MSFS primarily to keep up with instrument practice. It is a very good tool to practice instrument procedures. Although, I must admit, I don't use ATC because it limits you to what is really available. Try getting approval to fly a fix to fix somewhere. ATC tries to give you a heading. I end up shutting the radio off . . . anyway I digress in my rant.

Bottom line, this is a really good flight sim.

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What's a fix?

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A fix is a navigational point, on the earths surface that can be determined by electronic, radio, celestial or even visual means. A fix can be defined by crossing VOR radials, VOR radial at a specific distance, GPS or even Lat/Long coordinates. What Prozac919 is referring to is fix-to- fix flying. A Fix-to-Fix is what the Air Force calls it when you fly from one point in three dimensional space to another point in three dimensional space. It means going from one point to another point, defined by a radial/DME combination. The two points are based off the same navigational aid. Fix-to-fixes are a military only privilege.

It's a Air Force Thing! 😀

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Michael Thomas (SteveT) Chief Captain

Yes - I know what you mean - I remember the FS 98 - and I thought that was good!! 😂 But how the program has improved over the years is unbelievable.

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Flight simulator has come so far since 1980, it's amazing when you think of it. This site shows you the amazing difference.

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