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So it's almost 2014 and there hasn't been a credible flight simulator released since 2006 (FSX). What or when is the next flight simulator going to be released? Does anyone know anything about this? And before someone says X-Plane is an excellent source, you're wrong. I want a game that comes from a company, not a man creating a simulator by himself. Also, it's not entirely impressive.

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Lot of promises a while back from different sources but still nothing on the horizon.

This never took off because it was based on FSX.


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Hi Defdogg29, i agree with you about X Plane, i was also looking for info about a New FSX, when i came across the X Plane info, it looked really great, ( Not Noing ) So i Brought the X Plane with alot of regriets its nothing like FSX it looks Great but thats all. you cant use it like in FSX ❓ 🙄

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