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Hi Folks

Wonder if you can give me a hand on this little stickler.

When I start a new game and my plane is sitting on the runway, as soon as I start to move a lot of the surrounding buildings flicker in a weird way. Alsmost like its going from light to dark shades andback in again very quickly. Also if I go for a tower shot of my plane before I start moving it does the same thing on my plane.

I have a radeon 9200 with the latest drivers.

I've messed around with the settings but still cannot seem to get rid of the problem.

ANy ideas??

Cheers in advance.

My sepcs are:
AMD XP3200+
1 gig DDR ram
120Gb HD
Radeon 9200

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Try shuttling down the Anisotropic Filtering. I did and the "shimmering" as I call it stopped.

I also found the higher the resolution the less it happened.

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