Orange juice and sherbet, a fresh new way to fly your 747!

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All right, thought i'd share some wisdom with you guys. 🙂 If you're doing a long flight and don't have anything to do, here's what you do.

1.Cruise climb (choose ONE after you set autopilot and headings)

1.Go and get a glass of water
2.Get a banana or other related fruit.
3.Look out your house windows for a short time
4.Just sit there.

Cruise. (1-2 of the following)

1.Potty Break
2.Nuke a bag of popcorn
3. Take a bowl of sherbet and pour OJ on it and let the OJ freeze, tasty.
4. Go and get some NOUGAT!!!!! (i love nougat)
5. Get a glass of pop and a brick of cheese 😛
6. Go play nintendo or something.

(this should take about 1 hour) 😎

There, by the time you get back, ATC will be sqwaking at you for your approach...and just think, you did other, possibly productive things as well as fly your plane.

This is my usual strategy for those long hauls, i haven't crashed yet 👏

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Oh and hey, whats the link to that IFDG site again???

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RadarMan Chief Captain

What flavor is the sherbet? 🙄

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Orange sherbet, and thanx for the site!

Anyone know who Heino is????????

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