Saitek X45 and Force Feedback

Muncho Guest


I'm just entering the flight sim world and was thinking of buying the Saitek X45.

All I wanted to know was if anyone knew if this stick uses force feedback?

If not, does it really matter that it hasn't? I know what the force feedback feature does, but never experienced it.

Thanks in advance..

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patw First Officer

What is force feedback, not new to FS but am about to upgrade to an saitek all vibrating and force feedback !

Wolfy2779 Guest

I have a Saitek X45, but it doesn't have force feedback. It's got a big throttle handle with alot of buttons though. 🙂

Hooks Guest

Buy this stick. It is great. If I didn't have this stick I wouldn't play the game. All there is to say.


you must buy this joystick it does not have force feedback but you do not need it, it is a monster of a joystick and throttle, forget the keyboard, throw it out the window, this is the best controller on the market so go and buy it now


ok, let's trim this thread out a wee bit...

i said this before, elsewhere: after a couple of years behind a ms forcefeedback 2, the best non-ff controllers i try in computer stores bring gentle philosophical smile on my face. toys... life is bumpy, life kicks back, love life!

Muncho Guest

Finally bought the X45 joystick in the end after trying the Logitech Wingman Force 3D for a while and can honestly say that i was not dissapointed.

This stick is definately a must.

Only little problem i have is the rudder on the throttle stick. a little awkward to begin with but after a little bit of practicing i got the hang of it in the end.

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