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Taxi lines

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

hi, do any of you know where I can downloadmore realistic taxi lines?

you know.. those yellow stripes. THANKS!

Cheers 🙄

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earthqu8kes Captain

what do you mean "taxilines." fs9 comes with them, and they r prtty realistic...except when they go in the dirt. or is it just that you dont have fs9? be more specific

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You can try something like this but be sure to back-up your texture folder first in case you don't like it.


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ceetee Chief Captain

Sean, I think you are looking for something known as the 'Airport Environment Upgrade' package.

The latest version which I used, AEU7, is available free here: and is an 8.7mb download.

Another version, AEU-MX (Masters Edition) can be found on this website in the downloads section here: , but has a smaller filesize of 7.8mb

The blurb for the package says:

Airport Environment Upgrade will greatly enhance the Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004 default airports throughout the world. Airport runway, taxiway, and tarmac surfaces, airport buildings, and airport lighting have all been upgraded. Special reflective windows and seasonal runway effects are included.

Hope this is what you are looking for 😉

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Sean (SeanGa) Captain

ahh... thanks a lot. that was EXACTLY what I was looking for 😀

Can't wait to try it out.. but I don't know which to download!? I'll just go for the first one, and if any of you recommend the other, I'll try that one too.

Thanks again 🙂

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