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I've been using for a long time as a very good source of infomation, but only today did I realise there is a small 'edit' link at the end of each paragraph.

I was looking up the history of my local airfield, Ardmore (NZAR) and clicked the link to see what happens. I added the line:

It is also the home base for Mountain Air, a regonal airline servicing the nearby Great Barrier Island and other domestic destinations

to the 'Present Day' paragraph and I'm interested to know if you guys can see it also, or is it just on my PC. Check it out here:

If it is possible that you can see it, how come all the articles havn't been screwed up by annoying little vandles who want to write in swear words and stuff? Is it really that easy?

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I checked out the link and your line you added is there. I've never really used WIkipedia, but I guess I should start. Looks like some good reference material in there.

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wikipedia is simply brilliant, and after a study by the BBC, usually correct and with more resources and correct info than your average encyclopedia.

when you edit a page, it saves - but it gets added to a wiki moderator who usually puts it back to its old self.

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ceetee Chief Captain

OK, Thanks for the info guys....I wonder how you submit your own page?

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