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VATSIM/Navigation question

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OK I've set up VATSIm and got it working and I have to say I love it. I have now managed to file a flight plan using the information found at:

however, I flew from Manchester to Frankfurt tonight and got totally stuck.
The route I had was;


So, and here's where I just get totally lost. I have a basic Microsoft Flight Simulator GPS system. So I takeoff from EGCC and punch into my GPS system the direct button and type in DESIG and the GPS just looks at me funny as if to say.....what are you doing you numpty? so anyway I figure fly the runway heading until I reach Jetway UL603 and type in Direct TEBRO which works so now I think I've sussed it.

I arrive at TEBRO and a very nice netherlandic person asks me to fly a heading to RISDU so I type RISDU into my computer and GPS says errrrm stooooopid. So I'm thinking at FL350 I cant stay in the air forever not knowing where I'm off to as there is this little known liquid we like to call aviation fuel keeping me up to my question.....

Where are these waypoints and how can I find them? somebody on-line mentioned something to me about an FMC but that sounds like a highly painful medical proceedure to me. I would like to know if I can plan a route just using the waypoints I know I've got in my GPS or if someone can give me a link so I can actually reach frankfurt before I send 250 people hurtling to their death because I've ran out of fuel, I'd be appreciative....

Thanks folks


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Do a search for "simple fmc" and download it. Easy and great. Other than that, you need en route charts...

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Thanks for that Bindolaf - Have given it a download - looks like a very good little application but it wont link to my FS2004 autopilot for some reason - any suggestions?

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Is your A/P in NAV mode rather than HDG which Simple FMC requires?

) Flying the route:

By clicking onto the "Enable Autopilot Coupling" button, simpleFMC will
calculate a direct course to the first waypoint of the list and will
set the autopilot heading of the flight simulator. In order to fly the
course you will have to engage the airplane's autopilot in heading

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