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Good morning guys, i'm watching a show on Discovery Channel about wildland fire fighting. I was wonder where i could get some good freeware water dropping planes.(CL-415 kinda thing) I have PLENTY of whirlybirds.

Thanx in advance....

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There are some more Canadair water bombers.

The CL-415 is at:


The CL-215


They work fairly well.

Have fun 🙂

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The best CL-415 I have seen so far is at Abacus and costs $10 - it is a 'Fly before you Buy Premier Collection' a/c - you can use it for a fixed period and then it is disabled.
Has all the frills - pick up water, drop water, etc and all controlled from the panel. Definitely for FS2004.
Might be worth a look.

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alohajoe First Officer

k i've got the Abacus CL-415 trial. Now all i need are some fires to fight. What would be cool is if a thunderstorm\lighting strike would set one ablaze. If there is any scenery out there for this it'd be cool.

Thanx and Off Topic!

BTW, Bunger, is that Avatar a Wild Fire Twin Otter? Is there one for download for FS?
Ok really really!! Off Topic!

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

Bunger,that link is for fs2000 🙄

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bunger Trainee

alohajoe wrote:

BTW, Bunger, is that Avatar a Wild Fire Twin Otter? Is there one for download for FS?
Ok really really!! Off Topic!

The Avatar is from the aircraft I used to maintain, for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

You can find the Twin Otter at


I don't think it picks up water.

Bunger 😂

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