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I am looking for a free 'Download Manager' for Firefox. Nothing fancy but with a user-friendly interface.

The only function important to me is to be able to continue interrupted Downloads.

As I am not prepared to use another browser, it must be fully compatible with Firefox. I found a list full to choose from 😳 but I really only need one.

Any ideas? Read Dont Know

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I never used one, when I had dial-up I didn't do downloading but when I saw how fast cable was I signed up immediately.
I've had it for almost 7 years now and download much larger files than we have for this sim.
A friend of mine always used "DAP" and swore by it, your call, I'm sure others will have similar stories.


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DAP is good ,i use it in past gives you a spam which will be noticed for ever from spybot and also some extra cookies cause of some advertisment running in the upper level.
I also use had used Flashget and had the same thing like DAP.

Except of this two small problems they are working great and the Download Basket option they gave(you can save the file you want to download and you can download it later)its a great utilitie.

Im now working with Windows default.

I thought that Firefox has something familiar,if i remember well for the short time i use it...Probably im wrong Embarassed

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There seems to be quite a few extensions on the firefox site that integrate various download manager packages.

I don't use a download manager I am afraid so am unable to pass comment on which are any good.

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Thank you Gentlemen, problem solved. Hack


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