Guide to linking to avsim.. IE and Firefox!

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Hi everyone

I've noticed around the forum that most people dont actually know how to link to avsim library downloads. Well I'll show you 😀

Now the Internet Explorer guide, I use IE6 but its the same for all versions of IE as far as I know

Internet Explorer

1) Go to the download you are looking for. In this case I'll use the ifly Boeing 747-400, but it can be anything. Now I have found the ifly aircraft (red circle) but the problem is its not the only one on the page. We need to feed it in so its the only one. We need to search something unique so that only the thing we are looking for will come up. For this we get the name of the zip (circled in blue). Copy and paste this into the search bar

2) Now that you have your download on one page, and its the only download that came up in that search, right click and press properties.

3) After going to the properties, you should get a dialog box up. Highlight the text for "Address (URL)" and press CTRL + C to copy it and there you have your link. Now just paste it on these forums or wherever its needed

Link for ifly 744:

Firefox Guide

1) Same as IE step 1. Your copying the zip name and pasting it into the avsim search bar so you get only 1 result in the search and that result is the download you are trying to link to

Now the next few parts vary from the IE guide but if you read the instructions carefully you'll get it

2) Right click on the download and go to This Frame and click on "Show only this frame"

3) Now the same page will load again but the link that you need to copy will be in Firefox's address bar, instead of the usual "" or "" thats there. Now do the same thing, highlight, press CTRL + C to copy and then paste it on these forums or wherever you need to.

And thats it 😀

Not as hard as you first thought it was, is it?

Now enjoy linking to your favourite downloads on avsim!!

Oh and by the way, I know there are a few other ways of doing it in Firefox but the way I demonstrated above is by far the easiest and most time-saving

Enjoy 🙂

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Thanks TimTim 👍

I've always wondered how to do that 😀

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