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To get the glide scope do u have to tune into the Localizer Frequency? if so is there any quick key or key assignment to do it for you?


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go to the map and click the airport you are landing at. it will come up with the infomation about the airport including runway ils frequencies.

next go to your radio and tune your nav 1 or 2 radio to that frequency. switch if necessary and turn it on.

make sure you are set to nav not gps mode.

then, as you approach you will hear the 'beep beep' to confirm you are on the glidescope.

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Answering the second part of your question. I do not know of a faster way or key assignment to enter the frequency.

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You have to tune the localizer(LOC) frequency to receive the paired glideslope signal. Each runway with an ILS has a different frequency for the localizer that you have to look up every time. Some frequencies are duplicated when ILS locations are far enough apart so that they won't cause interference with each other. You have to set it every time and there is no preset way to do it. 🙂

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