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I need help creating new flight plans in the GPS 500 of FS9. I have the manual for it. It says that I need to "press FPL and rotate the small knob to display the FLight Plan Catalog". But the Flight Plan Catalog doesn't appear. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks for any help.

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Dont be afraid to experiment with the buttons of GPS. 😉 If you have the operation manual thinks are going to be much easier.

You have to set up your waypoints from FS Flight Planer(two or more)You can also set them up or change it while you flying from your GPS but this is a litle bit more complicated.
Then when you hit FPL you should get the following screen ➡

The example is from a multi-waypoint flight i run these days from Greece to New York.(not all the waypoints including in these page)

I hope i help you.Im sure that more experts than me will follow and explains it better. 😉

imhofdw Guest

Thanks for that. I was wondering how I could put in my own waypoints using the GPS, creating a flight plan right in the GPS itself. The guide I got is from http://www.garmin.com/manuals/GPS500_QuickReferenceGuide.pdf . On page 15 it shows how to create a new flight plan, but it won't work in the FLight Simulator. Thank you.

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Thanks for let me now about the guide link. 👍

Well the simplest way is to press the arrow under the Zoom buttons.In the appeared screen if you hit the round switch with the two arrows ,first the big and after the smaller one ,you can set up your destination waypoint.This is a simple and amateur way but...it works 😉

imhofdw Guest

Thanks again. Now you said you have to set up the way points in the FS Flight Planner. How do you do that? Cheers.

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In the FS menu you choose the following ➡


1.Creat a Flight
2.Flight Planner
3.Choose Departure Location/Select
4.Choose Destination/Select
5.Find Route/Save

In step 5 if you have choose the Departure and Destination waypoints you can choose waypoints between these two by click and drawing the purple line on your map.When you leave the mouse button you will notice to the right of the page that the choosen airport has been added to your waypoints...you can continue by choosing more if you have create a long flight. 😉

I hope i help you.

imhofdw Guest

Thanks! That was a big help!

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You can't set up your own waypoints in the Flight Simulator GPS. It is good and a marked improvement to it's predecessor but not that good. There are many missing features from the real version. It was not designed as a training aid. You can add your own waypoints to a flight plan within the Flight Planner. It involves editing the . PLN files and is not for the faint of heart. I guess they had to leave out some details to keep the price reasonable.🙂

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