Which Virtual Airline to Join?


i was just wondering what advice you guys have on which virtual airline i should join, i've looked at FlyUk and that looks pretty cool.
also could someone tell me what the IVAO is, how to join it and what advantages it has to the simmer cus i'd like to start flying online but son't know how

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Jamie Robson (Jamier) First Officer

www.scotair.org is the VA i fly for.

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Tailhook Chief Captain

IVAO stands for International Virtual Aviation Organization

You'll find more information at their site ➡ http://www.ivao.org/hq/

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

You'll find that IVAO had a bit of an internal coup d'etat and the site has been hijacked to ivao.aero.

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PanAmerican Captain

You can join my VA, Family Virtual Airlines. We fly Boeing 737-400 & Boeing 747-400. Visit our website at: http://www.freewebs.com/familyvirtualairlines

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I wonder why it is, that every time someone asks which VA they should fly for, everyone jumps in and suggests their own. Wouldn't it be wiser to suggest that someone check out those that exist to find which most closely matches their flying goals? Check out the Vatsim partnered VAs. They are established and have enough members that they are likely to be around for a long while.

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