Boeing 747 Landing Tips

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can anyone give me some tips on landing 747's, my decents are terrible and im always hitting the tarmac to hard and too fast.......cheers....

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Welcome to Fly Away. May I suggest to go through the lessons first. The 747 is way to large of an aircraft to start off with. But if you need to know how to land there is what is called the kneeboard within FLight Sim. There is a bunch of controls or more like interfaces where you can find data about your aircraft and open up the ATC window to comunicate. If your getting the 747 off of the ground that is a good accomplishment. Hang out here for a little bit and someone may be able to mentor you better than I can. Enjoy the site.

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Welcome aboard captainmarvel Group Wave

I agree with edr, you must go through the flying lessons and read the material in order to fly the bigger aircraft. Until then, keep your speed low, (160 KIAS) and flare 20 feet above the runway to avoid hitting it hard and use full flaps


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Captain, provided you are familiar with the lessons and operations of the 747, I'll just give you a few pointers to keep in mind.

1. The 747 is a massive aircraft, once it starts going down, it's hard to bring it back up. Try and even off the descent rate and slowly drift down to the runway, provided your approach is far enough away from the airport to allow sufficient time for a smooth descent.

2. Use flaps to your advantage. As you lower them, you can fly slower without worrying about stalling the aircraft. try to hit the pavement between 155-170KIAS, at your choice of speed. Note that this is my PERSONAL landing speeds, not from the book, I spent lots of time figuring out the tricks and whatnot of the 747.

3. Don't flare and cut throttle too fast. You'll drop like a stone! Wait untill you are about 20-50 feet above the runway to dump your engines all the way to idle, then very gently pull back on the stick.

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