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i don't know if anybody here can help me on this or not but i got the FT 737 -300 -400 -500 and the update for them. the problem is, is when i go to the fmc to put in the airport identifiers the fmc says "not in database" this makes me mad cuz i can't really fly the plane. i have already asked the same question in the feelthere forums and i just got pointed to different places. so i thought i would ask here too because you guys have helped me out on ALOT of things, and thanks if anyone can help

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Sorry buddy, I havn't invested in that series yet. The feelthere team is a great one though, so just keep trying their fixes and eventually one of them will definitly work! They're a very patient bunch over there 😀 .

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I'll start with the very basics. Did you read the manual carefully? Did you download the navigation information for the FMC from the FT site (look for AIRAC)? If you have and still can't get anywhere, the best thing would be to go to their support site/forum.

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Hey John,

I'm amazed you haven't gotten the feelThere 737PIC yet !

I would have had you down to be at the front of the queue (maybe right behind me heh heh 😂 )

It's a really good add-on if you like flying from the 2D panel (really good) but it's not a good VC flying plane IMO.

I used to be a 100% 2D Panel man until I got Track IR now it's all VC flying for me 😂

Hope you're doing good,


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