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Is there any way to refuel on the ground or in the air?

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Take your choice of these three ways.
1: Taxi over to the fuel pumps. Get close.
2: Assign a key to the command "Add Fuel Quantity".
3: Select "Aircraft - Fuel and Payload" from the menu (press Alt).


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Thank you! Does anyone know about in-air refueling?

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There isn't any realistic method to refueling in the air, as their isnt for the majority of aircraft in real life aviation. But in the sim, you can refuel by following points 2 and 3 in RadarMan's post above 😉

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Thank you! Does anyone know about in-air refueling?

I agree about the non realistic of the air-refuel but anyway you can hit CTRL+X.

Remember to have disable the Unlimited Fuel in your FS settings.

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This package contains the Tu-126 model together with a Tanker scenery for refueling adventure

Here's the link for the required file ➡

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Taxi up to the fuel pumps and set your parking brake. This will refuel the aircraft. 🙂

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