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Is there a way to start a flight so that I am on a final approach so that I can practise my landings?

Also, how do I activate visual flight path? Ive enabled it in the menu but it doesnt work.


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I can't answer the VFP question, but I can help with the landing.

If you are looking to just practice general landings in a cessna just use part two of the landing tutorial. You have to listen to the instructor for a moment or two, but it starts you right on final. I think he might hold the wings steady for you, but its a good way to get better at pitch and throttle control while descending.

The other thing you can do is take off in the plane of your choosing, line up for the approach, and then go to Flight -> Save and save the flight. Then you can load it at that point whenever you want to practice.

I am sure someone will be along to help with the Visual Flight path question.

Happy flying!


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At the aircraft position that you desire the flight to start from, press the semi colon [;] key or click on "save flight" to save your flight at the current position. You can do this by flying the aircraft or using the Slew function to position the aircraft. Name the flight and it will appear in the [My saved flights] area within Flight Simulator. Just click [Create a flight] to locate.

The Visual Flight Path indicators instructions can be found in The Learning Center within Flight Simulator. Go to [Navigation], then [Using the visual flight path indicators]. It only works when you are following a VOR radial or a ILS course. 🙂

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Excellent...thanks all 😀

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you can also go to the pre planned flight thats already in there with the 747 and the snowy chicago approach. you can pause it, change the weather, the plane, and all that jazz before you land.

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