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Hello. Just wondering what all of you set up the various buttons on the yoke for, besides the obvious ones. Did make some changes, but curious for help from all of you "veterans".

SO far I really enjoy the FS2004 has been fun. I got fed up with FS98 and have been glad to be back and having a blast with it...

Thanks in advance for the help.


PS- "flyaway"- thanks for the advice on the CH products yoke...great chioce. I am having trouble getting my password , have requested it a couple of times, no luck yet....thanks...Bill

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Regards setting up buttons i have one for engine reverse one for engine shut down(i have some panels with no other means of shut down)one for the folding wings on the Meljet((which doubles on various aircraft for retracting lights or cargo loading)Flaps
There you go just a few ideas to start you off

What about everyone else?

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Flaps are an essential option, and thats included with special flap buttons. To be honest, the additional buttons should be set as you want - there is no 'standard' way, because in a real aircraft, these would not be here anyway. Set them as you feel, what you need, and what is most comfortable for you. Not too sure if you have seen the latest article, but here it is:

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Flaps, Gear, engine, mixture,

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jelami First Officer

On the base I have throttle, Prop, Mixture, Gear, and Flaps.
On the yoke:
Trigger buttons - Radio and map
on top - views and trim.
I don't use the trim wheel, it is not sensitive enough.

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