CH Products flight sim yoke not working on FSX


So, i recently saved up for a CH products flight yoke and FSX SE. it gets here, I set it up. Then i go into Buttons/Keys to set it up there, and my axises are being controlled by the throttle quadrant. The throttle is Z, the prop is Y, and the Mix is X. i tried setting my axises to my actual yoke in Control Axises and the game is not registering that i am even turning the yoke. i tried going into Calibrate, still nothing. please help me, i don't think i can go without FSX for much longer!

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Clean out any software you installed for the CH.
Download and install the latest on this page.

If you continue to have problems contact them.

Before you do any of these "fix's" move your USB from the yoke to another USB connection on your computer.


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