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Radarman, you were right. I am at our local Detroit (KDTW) and taxiing after just purchasing Ultimate Traffic. The terminal is full of Northwest, as I would expect, also UPS, Southwest... the airports have come alive.

I want to let everyone know that a friend and I flew our first taxi-takeoff-cruise-landing-taxi of a jet, the 777, on a flight from Seattle to LAX. I provided navigation and he piloted. We got out the good ol' North America road atlas to provide visuals and used that until we had the VFR charts of Los Angeles.

Let me tell you, my friend and I loved the scenery as we passed Mt. Hood, Lake Tahoe, Fresno, and every lake was as it should be. However, when we entered into the upgraded Southern California scenery pack taht I have, he almost had a heart attack. Suddenly, the mountains crisped, in the distance LA and the suburbs sprawled the entire screen, beaches, roads -- he is very excitied to come over next weekend.

We are planning a trip:
Nantucket to New York on a undetermined prop.
New York to Chicago on a 737.
Chicago to LA on a 777.

I don't know if this will upset some "Flight Simulator" purists, but we enjoyed some moderate alcohol and BBQ while we piloted the plane. To make it a little more interesting, he knew that I programmed a failure into the route, but I didn't tell him when. So, about 45 minutes into the flight he lost alt and his airspeed.

I think long flights with friends working a pilot/navigator set-up was fun for both of us.



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I see that you are enjoying "UT" as much as I am. I still find it fascinating watching all the aircraft line up for both take off and landing.
Great story and flight, why should you be sober when I see in the papers that it's "fashionable" for pilots to imbibe a bit.
It turns the Sim into an entirely new experience, enjoy!

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At what percent do you find the traffic best for asthetics and realism (imagine you have unlimited computing capacity)?

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I loaded "UT" at 100%, and no I don't (unfortunately) have a super computer. It's (very) capable of running anything made now but soon will be "long in the tooth".
I have a:
P-4 1.5gig
512mb Rambus
22 inch (20 inch viewable) Mitsubishi monitor
ATI Radeon 9800 pro 128mb DDR

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100% What do you mean...I got no option to do such a thing...just the normal install...As a matter of fact....I get lots of planes at some major airports,,but never much air traffic or ground traffic...I reloaded last night and my first flight out of Charlotte Duglas was busy,,but later upon flying back it was dead...Lots of parked craft but nothing moving again....Hmmmm Wonder what I'm doing wrong???? That is why I uninstalled...It seemed the traffic had all but vanished....Whats up with that????Mason.....

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The traffic is there:

I cropped the bottom portion of this image i JUST created. The bottom portion was my F-16 wobbling as I tried to pan around the spot camera to capture the planes on my tail as I was coming in for an "illegal" and unauthorized landing. Incidently, traffic control issued "Go around" orders to all of these planes.

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Sorry about the huge picture moving the thread over past the horizontal resolution max on most monitors.

it isn't appreciated cut and resized.

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I'm sorry also for the odd cropped size.
Every time the software asked "what else master" I told it "go for broke" and it loaded everything.
Since it's based on "real time traffic patterns" there will be times of the day-night that it'll be busier than others.

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I was very impressed:

I started a trip from San Diego Lindberg at a small gate. I opened up the palm pilot and listened to departures. Next to me was a Delta flight that it just announced. Moments later, it pulled back and began taxiing.

Very nice.

Now, Banning to LAX with a King Air.

thanks Radarman for your help!

- david

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