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Thank you guys i have managed to install my new panel and tried the auto land feature but I find is vry hard to meed the requirements for autoland..pls help me what shall i do i really want to land my plane I have follows the instruction but still no luck...I have put the runway frequency in the nav1 radio i can hear the beep sound but when i put the runway heading the plane goes somewhere else leaving the approch and airport i dont understand where I am wrong

pls help

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You have to put the ILS frequencies in both Nav1 and Nav2 😉

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Which panel are you talking about?
Are you getting vectored on to the localizer by ATC or are you approaching the runway yourself?
What is your altitude, speed, and distance from the runway when you become established on the localizer?

more details please

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Make sure that,

You are further than 10nm away from the runway.
You are higher than 2000 Ft
You are going slower than 250 kts
You are on an angle less than 40 degrees from the runway.

Once you click the autoland button the APP hold light should come on straight away. You should also slow to 170 kts and flaps are set to 2. This is the case in the 737 anyway.

Also make sure you are on a path that will intersept the magenta line in the GPS console which appears after you have activated your approach.

If you are using ILS you shouldnt have any problems at all. I normally activate it when it says "JS438 you are 22 miles away. Turn left heading 285. Maintain 3000 until established on the localizer." or something similar to that. Once you have done that it takes about another 30-60 seconds for the APP hold swith to actually find the glidepath. You can tell when this happens as the heading hold switch turns off if you were using that previously.

Hope this helps.

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