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how to pan view with joystick

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Hi people.
When i first saw FS2004 videos.. (chopper in las vegas), i notticed that we can pan camera in a 180 in the cockpit (or virtual cockpit) view. But i can't do it with my Sidewinder Joystick. Any help would be very appreciated 😉

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Your joystick needs to have a "hat switch" for the pan view

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

or if it has like a toggle on the top where you thumb should rest. because my old sidewinder had a little toggle. but i got a new one with 2 diff toggle thinys and i dont know what the 2nd does. Dont Know

M-FLO Guest

thanks for ur answers. i know what u'r talking about 😛

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