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I have been flying a 757 around the country (US) and to some international destinations. For this airplane, I have been using the call name United 752. I decided to check this flight number out to see if it is a real world flight, so I went to United's site and checked it out. Low and behold, it is a real flight from ORD to PHL, so I flew it in FS9. Instead of sitting around thinking of a flight plan to fly, I think I will start choosing random flight numbers of the real world airlines, check them out and fly it. Has anyone else tried this approach, maybe even trying to match the airlines actual flight times and flight durations?


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That's a reasonable path for our particular addiction to take. There are a number of VAs that do just that - fly only scheduled airline flights, matching their itinerary as closely as possible. It may add something to know that there is a real world aircrew flying exactly what your are.

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