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The other day I created a flight plan from Winchester Regional Airport Virginia (KOKV) to Salisbury-Ocean City Wacomic Maryland (KSBY) and received an error stating that the associated flight plan was not present when I started to fly. After investigation I found that the entry for KSBY is Salisbury-Ocean City Wacomic*
When this is saved the * is dropped, but the space is not, thus creating an error in the saved flight plan name.
The flight plan naming convention calls for Origination Airport Name to Destination Airport Name.PLN
With the * being removed the result was Origination Airport Name to Destination Airport Name .PLN
There are some other special characters that are not allowed at the end of the flight plan file name. I have found at least one other file with a disallowed character at the end of the airport name that will cause the same result.
I am sure that with the large number of airports in the system that other minor errors of this type have occured.

I have sent a problem report to Microsoft on this and am awaiting their answer. The actual fix may take awhile as it may require a complete check of the files containing the airport names and then correcting all those with errors, or chaning the flight planner to drop the entire space (not just the character) when saving destination airports with disallowed special characters at the end.

If anyone else runs into this problem, here is a simple work around.
After creating the flight plan and saving it, follow the path noted on the error notice to the folder that contains your saved flight plan files (it will be something like C:\Documents and Settings\home\my documents\flight simulator files\....) and edit the name of the particular flight plan file by removing the blank space before the .PLN

I will try to follow-up with more info when I received it from Microsoft.

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