North American T28 Trainer

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Can anyone advise as to where I can get a T28 Trainer for my M/S Flight Simulator 2004.

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6th and 7th from the bottom

9th from the top

Try them in fs9, they may not work but give it a go. They were made for 2002.

I'll look for more tonight. Let us know if they work out!

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Indeed, just added this to the file library:

Works in FS2002 and FS2004 😉

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Thanks Flyaway,
Yours is better newer the one I finally found.

Sorry but only now did I realize that the above links are for textures only.

T28_VNAF.ZIP is the zip of a t28 made in 2002. The only place that I could find it was It takes some patience to get in. They only allow non members in at slow periods.

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