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Why No Mooney ADF??

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Every time I fly the Mooney Bravo in FS2004 I notice that it does not have an ADF. There is no ADF receiver in the radio stack and no needle on the panel that would function as an ADF needle. At the top of the radio stack there is an annunciator light labeled "ADF". You can turn the green light on and off but it is wasted effort.

Is that an oversight on the part of the Microsoft programmers?? Or does the Mooney come without an ADF??

How can us "junior birdmen" make an ADF approach into Podunk Airport without an ADF onboard??

Actually ADF approaches are fairly complicated (for me) and I would have to study up on how do one. I don't think it can be done without the appropriate "approach plate". Wink

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Probably a screwup by MS. They forgot the reverser light on the 737's throttle as well. I'm not to well vested in the Mooney, they bug me because no matter what i do, it always turns to the left. Probably just me, but I swear it does this, even if you turn off the realism and stuff.
Happy flying!

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The ADF system is a very old system from around WWII. The VORs are starting to get long in the teeth. The Mooney is a rather advanced craft, especially with regard to navigation. I imagine the ADF was left out in favor of things like dual GPS, LORAN C. With GPS as good as it is, ADFs aren't considered necessary anymore.

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No this was no mess up by ms. THe ADF is a out of date navigation tool and is being phased out since it has alot of problems. Why would there be a ADF button well alot of the new stacks have a button for ADF if you choose to install one so you can lisen to and adentifiy the NDB, but if you don't then its just a button that sits there and useless. Oh and all new aircraft do not come with ADFs.

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