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After fooling around with my new Ultimate Traffic some the othwer day,,loading more traffic into the game so there would be more traffic in the air and at airports,,something strange happened....''I was at Tampa International,In Florida USA...Was setting up my auto pilot stuff,and looking around the airport and I saw this engine sticking out a building...

How strange that was I thought,Until I watched a Boeing 747 backing out of a building right next to me....

Seeme that all the extra traffic I loaded was parked and moving everywhere...Including in buildings.....

Now I must say...This did go a long was to help spoil the realness for me.....LOL

Anyone ever see this happen??? I took a screen-shot but have not seen it yet...I will try to post it later....... 😳

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😳 Oh my Ghost planes 😳
Was this with the default or add on scenery?
If it was add on Afcad2 should stop that sort of thing happening (will help with default too)

There are files available to d/load for Tampa ➡

Hope it helps


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You hadn't noticed that you too can perform this trick? LOL
It's quite possible to taxi slowly through (certainly some) of the building scenery - I did it right after initial installation, by accident! It doesn't hurt, there's nobody inside. LOL

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RadarMan Chief Captain

That's happened to me also, I've taxied with a wing going through a tree, I think that's what designers call:
"The crash detection is OFF by default"

It's not on the entire sim just certain objects.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Had much the same experience myself - tried to land on a road bridge and went right through it!!! Embarassed

In MS Golf Links2003/AP course designer the terrain can be given a hardness factor so that your ball disappears in water, mud etc or rebounds from a solid surface or has a different bounce on soft or hard fairways/greens. Don't know enough about terrain design in FS9 to know if there is the same method when making buildings etc. If there is then it means that some surfaces are not being designed properly.

Any terrain/scenery designers have an answer? ❓ ❓

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RadarMan Chief Captain

davec is right. You can "assign properties" to an object.
As he said in Links APCD (the course designer) many is the time players complained about "steel weeds or concrete trees" objects that wouldn't "give" a little.
Right now we have a major course that the water properties were accidentally set wrong and the player can "walk on water" to hit the ball.

Dave I've been playing Links since 96 (when 97 came out, what web-board do you belong to, LC? What name do you use.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

'radarman' Only joined the golf sim fraternity when I had to give up the real thing last year Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad and now since joining the flight sim fraternity have been concentrating on how to fly and only have the occasional round on Links2003.
Am a member on as 'broralad' and have downloaded several courses from there. Not so keen on the fictitional courses but have enough real courses to keep me happy 😀 Have started to try and built my local course for Links2003 but that is very long term job - am only doing 3rd hole at moment and that has taken me 6 months - am I going to live long enough ❓ ❓

Thought we might have had an input from FS scenery experts on our main subject Help!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Obviously after all these years I love my golf Sim, good to hear your building a course, tough work, I'll never try it not enough patience.
Mick has a very nice web-board, nice guys.

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