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I wonder if anyone else has noticed this strange phenomenon of the Default Cessna Skylane 182S. I haven't flown the 182S much in FS9, but I decided to try to get used to it. Crashes on landing have been pretty much a thing of the past for me with most of the other default FS9 aircraft so I decided to give the C182S a try.

While doing so, I discovered a strange phenomenon with this otherwise great plane. At 140 KIAS it is 10 knots slower in terms of KTAS than any other plane (I tested 6 other planes). I tested the IAS using both the default airspeed gauge and by typing Shift + z. The TAS was measured using the RKG Airspeed gauge.

To keep things equal for all planes I flew at the same altitude, 6000', and used the same weather, the default "Fair Weather" theme, fair.WTB. This was my results:

Cessna 182RG: 140 KIAS = 153 KTAS
Beech KingAir 350: 140 KIAS = 153 KTAS
Boeing 737-400: 140 KIAS = 153 KTAS
Boeing 777-300: 140 KIAS = 153 KTAS
Boeing 747-400: 140 KIAS = 153 KTAS

Cessna Skylane 182S: 140 KIAS = 143 KTAS

Has anyone noticed this strange behavior of the 182S? If so, is there a fix or a work around for it?


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[Flight Simulator 2004] I'm unfamiliar with the RKG TAS gauge. I test flew the Cessna 182 and at 6000', max power, fair weather (temp. 6 degrees C, 3 degrees above standard), KIAS 120, TAS 131 (via flight computer). The Cessna 182 won't do 140 KIAS in level flight at 6000' (altimeter 29.92). Normally TAS will increase 2% per thousand feet (Rough est. with standard temp). Something is wrong with the TAS gauge because 140 KIAS would never equal 143 KTAS at 6000'. If you try and measure TAS in a descent, altitude and temp. values will be constantly changing. Maybe the TAS gauge cannot keep up with the changes on a second by second interval causing incorrect readings. If you select calm winds, GS on GPS should approximately equal TAS. 🙂

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