Do you fly choppers?

Do you fly Helicopters on fs2004?
 22%  [ 5 ]
 77%  [ 17 ]
Total Votes : 22
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ceetee Chief Captain

Another quick poll.

I'm wondering what % of you can fly helicopters.

I have always flown airplanes on flight sim- nothing else (apart from a hovercraft once)

I indeed once attempted to learn to fly a helicopter with the default fs2004 instructor lessons but failed miserably and have never gone near them again.

Helicopters are so versatile and can get in and out of practically anyware, but I now reside on the side of the line where you have to refer to them as “egg-beaters” since they require skill I don’t posses to tame one.

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

I dont fly Helicopters but i would like to learn fly them too(but after i manage to learn how to fly a craft.... 😉 )

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

I don't fly helicopters either. I tried a few times, but the landings are horrible. 😕

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

I fly helicopter in Flight Simulator. They are very demanding. The way that they are modeled in Flight Simulator makes them even more challenging than it should be. I enjoy the fact that you can hover to see a location in detail and land anywhere you want. I don't fly them very long because there's no trim system, unlike a real helicopter, so you get tired quickly. I have yet to get it to autorotate correctly. I still enjoy flying them with all the faults of the simulation. 🙂

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nottobe Captain

I use yoke, yokes are not for choppers....
but I did try b4 I got the yoke, crashed every time I tried to land, then I lost patience and interest......

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john (verygom) First Officer

I fly the ALPHA Simulations 2004 Westland Lynx AH-*. It took a lot of practice to get it right and even now when occasionally I let the aircraft become unstable I can n't recover. Its very much thumb and first finger gently on the joystick to control - particularly in the hover - and there's great satisfaction when you get it right.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I've tried but to no avail.
You can take lessons here scroll down to the bottom left.


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Ben (eagle3) Trainee

🙂 i just got back from tuoring the grand canyan inna r22[/img]

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Nick (-Jester-) First Officer

yes sir, I fly choppers all the time. I am in the Army Aviation Command for the usvaf and I am the second head honcho for my group. I love to fly choppers because there is no Autopilot and it takes skill (dont want to start a flame war) I mean yes flying a jetliner can be fun and all but flying a helicopter you can do so much more. For instance on there is awesome scenery for wood helipads sitting on the side of a 800 foot mountain that is about 8 ft by 8 ft and you can litterly land anyware. And it is all stick or as rotor heads call it the "cyclic and collective" you have to be aware of where you are and you have to know what you are doing ( its not just start up and fly) there is some challange to it and it might take you a while to get used to flying.

When I fly my choppers I fly with the sensitivites all the way up and always in the VC. That way you do not have to move your stick all the way to the left in order to move to the left just a little tap of the cyclic and your turning, but dont get me wrong it is REALLY sensitive and a heck of an experience

Go and fly a chopper.

Come onto our usvaf TS sometime when you have a chance
at and if you see anyone with the AAC at the end of their name they are rotor heads and they will help you out. Your best bet is to talk to a guy named 841_Bill AAC he is almost always on TS and is a nice guy to talk to.

Dont worry you will get the hang of it. But to start off I would reccomend the following

1. Fly the Default Bell 206 Jet Ranger

2. Go to



6. Go to your view options in your game and on the lower left there should be a horizon indicator that looks like a red V click that and just keep that on the horizon and you WILL fly straight


8. If you need help come onto our teamspeak or send me a PM and I will get you started

9. HAVE FUN 😂 laugh a little at yourself if you make a mistake dont give up right away, ( I sucked when I first started but hey I just flew and got the hang of it and so will you)

Major USVAF_818

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

I fly choppers, but I agree w/ CRJCapt, they don't have a trim system so your hand gets tired.

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brownbox Captain

im a big fan of flying helicopters-not landing though 😕

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Michael_H First Officer

Nope, don't/can't... 😕

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Canyon (NoWorries) First Officer

I've got 2.5 (real) hours in Bell 206's. One in a 206BIII (like in the game) and 1.5 in a 206L3 (good downloads from Hover Control).

For the record, the sim helicopter has absolutely nothing in common with a real helicopter. A real helicopter is a gyroscopically sound flying machine, the thing that looks like a helicopter in FS9 is like mentioned above, an eggbeater.

If it is any consolation, if you can fly the helicopter in FS9, you will be a pro in a real helicopter. I had 20 hours in FS9 before my first flight, and I had no problem transitioning to the real thing, including take-off, hover, and landing. My two biggest difficulties in the real helicopter were tail-rotor trim during forward flight, and overtorque.

In the game, the helicopter always flies straight(unless you fight it), in real life, you have to use a little bubble(like on a level) to use the tail-rotor to make the helicopter go straight. I had the helicopter at about a 30* deviation from foward flight, but it felt right, the only indication of a problem was the bubble, and the foward speed was about 80 knots instead of what we should have been doing, 115 knots.

In the game, there is no warning tone for overtorque, nor is there any damage done to the helicopter if you overtorque it. In the real thing I brought it up to 98% torque on accident, it was really easy, and bells and whistles started going off like crazy!

Anyways, I'll see how the whirly-birds fly in FSX, but until then, I don't fly simulator helicopters.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I have tried a couple of choppers and just cannt(dont realy want to)get used to them
Only been in a chopper once(frightned the Censored out of me Fear
Its a couple of years ago,but I was in Blackpool and there were pleasure flights from the end of North pier around the Tower and back
I have a video of it somewhere and (ill see if I can find it) 😉

Chief Captain
ceetee Chief Captain

Seem the majority does not fly choppers then!

If you manage to get hold of that video I'd love to see it TTT!

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