PMDG B737 FMC/CDU usage.

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I thought I can fly the Boeing 737 and this is a quite good simulator for learning. But after reading all about FMC for example from PMDG manuals I doubt if microsoft really is a simulator or a toy for small kids. I mean after discovering the panel and instrument possibilities in PMDG737 I'm stunned!
Only learning how to use FMC has 80pages with commands and instructions. Then you also have electricity on overboard panel, engine limits, flap degrees, V1, landing speed, Gross weights etc, etc. My good, it takes years to learn all that! I don't say it will make a lot of fun after knowing all this, even during the reading I receive all the answers I've been looking for all the time. Microsoft actually didn't include overhead panel in the simulation at all. Only thing you can do is turn on and off the lights! Pathetic.

I wanted to ask if anyone after purchasing any PMDG model also seats, reads, studies and works hard to get the birds up, above the clouds? And not only, thrust full, flaps down and rotate. Weeey we are in the sky...
Bull**** I'm telling you! Those guys from PMDG are just crazy! I mean all the details, my good!

I'm pretty much sure, that if you know how to fly properly PMDG you know how to fly a real plane even if you haven't seat in on before. I'm amazed.

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I'm pretty much sure, that if you know how to fly properly PMDG you know how to fly a real plane even if you haven't seat in on before.

Grave misconception, but you're right on everything else. I've bought the Wilco/FeelThere 737 Pilot in Command (refuse to buy the PMDG) and it's just as complex. Also the PSS Airbus, the Flight1 ATR 72-500. It certainly is a different experience - interesting and rewarding.

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I don't have any of the PMDG programs but I've heard that they are really detailed. For many, too detailed. Once you lean them, they are great. PMDG specializes in a few aircraft and only has to write the files it's addon uses. The other basic files are in MSFS 2004. They charge $30-$50 per aircraft. Microsoft could write something similar but with 12 aircraft, the program would be over $300. Few mothers will buy their ten year old a program that cost that much; they would lose a large amount of sales. They make a basic all around simulator for $60 and leave the hardcore computer pilots (I'm one) to add on what they want. Just like what people do with cars. I want to get a program from PMDG but not quite yet, I don't have the time to devote to it. 🙂


The first thing I wanted to say after turning on the PMDG panel was :"There is way too many details..." but after a while, you start learning, reading and discovering and it gets funny and interesting. And the people who say it's too complicated actually mean "I'm too lazy to learn, wanted detailed and advanced, but I'm not smart enough and it costs effort, that's why I'm gonna blame the producer." It's not over detailed, It's perfect, just like u wanted in real life!!
Well actually when I looked at 747 I said, I will never learn from this one. So I started with 737 which is bit easier and less complicated. After I'll learn as much as I need, I'll start learning the Jumbo.

For example, I still don't know how to turn on the engine in pmdg 737-800. Fule valves open, ignition on and everything, and boom, doesn't give a sound out of it. Even after pressing ctrl+e (which is the lazy option) it takes app.3 minutes to turn on fully the engine.

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Sico2 wrote:

My good, it takes years to learn all that!

Thats why they dont advertise for ( no experience necessary ) pilots in the job centre 🙄
Would you board an aircraft knowing that the guy in the cockpit attempting to fly it, had'nt had any training or flying hours, or read a manual ??? 😉

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Hence why I love when people come in here that can't even fly with the basic planes on FS2004 asking why they can't to so and so with the PMDG 747 or what not. I'm slowly working my way up there with more and more advanced payware planes. Eventually I'd like to get the 737 and some day the 747 from them, though I'll probably be playing FSX by the time I get to that level. 🙂


fourby, I know what u mean, but I was talking about the simualtor and pmdg panel to laern. I bet real plane to fly takes even longer. I mean come one, 20 years experience to go from co-pilot for captain!

Solotwo, you know where I am 🙂

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Bindolaf wrote:

...(refuse to buy the PMDG)...

Short and sweet. Why? Dont Know

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this. Read

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