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Is it me or the trim?

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Bartholomew First Officer

I have a bit of a problem about trimming the default Beech Baron 58.

I don't pretty much touch the trim after start or even before takeoff so let's say it's on zero all the time. As soon as I takeoff and raise the gear I start trimming tail up or otherwise I'd have to hold the stick forward "manually". Now, I don't know whether that's the right time to start trimming but I know one thing for sure: the trim wheel reaches its limit so I can't use it to get the nose down anymore, which is something I'll have to do up on reaching the cruising altitude. Let's not even talk about descending when you have to get the nose down even more! So if I don't switch on the autopilot, say trimming time for me is over, but if I do engage it, and then disengage it, the Baron pitches all the way up! That's when I have to use the trim to get it back to the desired attitude, but then I get the same problem again.

HELP!!! 😞

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

so let's say it's on zero all the time

You must be sure for this(i know you are but check it just in case 😉 )

This happens even you have restart your flight or FS?

I had some hours of flight with this craft but i have never had such a problem.
Also a maybe silly thought of me is the chance to have some extreme weather settings if you have this problem in a specific airport or in a specific flight.

Please specify if you always had this problem with this craft in any flight you try from every airport and in any conditions.It will helps all of us.

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I just tried a normal takeoff in the default Barron 58 as you described. After takeoff, I require nose up trim (if I release the controls, acft will descend). Make sure autopilot is not on. Recalibrate your controller. Check your sensitivities and null zone for the elevator. Using the Advanced setting, set sensitivity to 50% and Null zone to 10% (estimate). Make weather clear (zero wind). Check that your fuel and pax load are default values and within CG limits. If still the same, disconnect controller and fly with the keyboard to see if the same trim inputs are required. 🙂

The trim is for pilot comfort. You use the trim anytime you want to remove pressure from the controls. Think of and describe trim in relation to nose position. In normal flight, you should never reach the limit of trim travel.

Here are the Key board commands chart for download,just in case you need it.

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I think I clearly recall that when I flew Baron last time the trim WAS on zero, Greekman, but your answers temptated me so I had to try one more flight. 😉

First I chose LYBE airport (although it shouldn't matter), clear skies and no winds. What I have to say first is that I'm surprised how CRJCapt needs nose up trim and I need nose down after takeoff, when those two cases are totally different. Anyway, I took off, rose the gear, and once again, had to trim the nose down. At this point the trim did NOT reach its limits but it was indicating about -8 degrees. When I leveled off at 3000ft, I needed to trim the nose down even more, so now the trim indicated -12.8! (Minus twelve point eight)!
Now it was time for descent. When I trimmed to release forward pressure off the stick the trim DID reach its limit at one point.
Then I tried again the whole thing with real world weather and it was all the same. Crying or Very sad

I wouldn't really mess with the joystick controls and stuff because every other airplane works perfectly fine, CRJ. Even some addons that I have work much better than Baron.

I also noticed that this Beech is FAR more sensetive than the other planes. I could pull back on the stick with my eyelash in order to complete a rotation, and when I want to make a turn the VSI needle fires all the way up. Very annoying! So I guess it must be something wrong with the plane itself, because, I say again, everything else works just the way it should.

And yes, Greekman, it happens even when I restart flight. Believe it or not, it continued happening even after I reinstalled my FS!!! Surprised I tried it in the past - it happens with every airport and condition.

Seems helpless ... Crying or Very sad

I wish I could send a video of one of those flights so you can see what I'm talking about. Idea

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Even if you re-instal FS???Strange... Umm...

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Ed Reagle (edr1073) First Officer

I have experienced the same conditions in 747-400 and 737-400 defaults. What I had found out was that I had changed the realism to custom settings. I went back to the settings and these aircraft fly as they should.

I hope this helps.

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Bartholomew First Officer

That's actually a pretty good idea, Edr1073. 😉

Although I'm sure I set my settings to hard, because I think that setting's the most realistic.

Or am I wrong?

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