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Odyssey Guest

Fairly new to fs(2004) and have never experienced the autoland feature. Can someone elaborate on it and tell me which planes I can use it on.
Tnx in advance 🙂

spuddi Guest

it doesn't come with the default aircraft. you will need to download or purchase an aircraft that has got it.

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Doyley Captain

I have it on my 737.

It activated the approach hold switch, arms spoilers, slows to correct speed, arms autobrake, lowers landing gear and flares just before touchdown. Well its supposed to but that bit doesnt work.

I dont use it anymore to be honest, I tried it the first few times now I just to it with the APP switch.

Ryan F. Guest

Spuddi.. that is incorrect.

Most of the default aircraft (or at least the newest ones) have "autoland", as it was reffered to as.

The correct term is "approach hold" and it's very easy to use. First of all, the runway you're landing at must have ILS capabilites. To find out if it does, simply pop up your GPS box, and look for the feather (green thing leading to runway). If it has the ILS feather, it's an ILS-capable runway. Next, go to the map screen (there should be a little map or compass icon on the panel somewhere) Then click on your arrival airport.. and scroll down to your designated approach runway. Check the ILS frequency and then tune your NAV1 radio to that frequency. Now, all you have to do is arm the autopilot, and push the approach hold button (denoted by APP or APR). The plane should line itself up and literally land on its own. However, it's highly advisable that you switch off autopilot and finish the landing manually once you feel comfortable enough. The approach hold will take care of everything except speed. You must maintain a safe approach speed on your own, or by using autothrottles.

One more thing.. don't forget to arm your spoilers, extend your landing gear, and turn on your landing lights!

Happy flying! 😀

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Hack Who wants to go first? I'm tired.

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First of all there is a huge difference between an ILS facility that can facilitate Autolands and those that can't. If it has an "ILS feather" it does not necessarily mean it (the field) is equipped for autolands....airport, aircraft and aircrew all need to be "equipped" for Cat3 landings.

For autolands the aircraft needs to be equipped with redundancy ie fail safe operation which is why you generally have 3 autopilots on modern jets which are all armed for autolands.....default 737 I believe does not have this and I am unsure if it flares? I am sure in approach hold mode you will find it follows the glide into the ground. PMDG etc does it properly.

In training I had the "pleasure" of flying a level D 752 in "0-0" conditions on an autoland and it is a very eerie feeling. A lot of trust in computers! Although I must say there landings are always better than mine!

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Doyley Captain

The autoland on my 737 is a different panel I downloaded.

Gorbarog Guest

I have autoland on my Boeing 737(greg737 panel or something like that) and I can say that the landings I do “by hand” is 1000 times better then the landings the autoland does. Just practice your landing technique. The secret is speed and flare. 🙂

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Odyssey wrote:

Fairly new to fs(2004) and have never experienced the autoland feature. Can someone elaborate on it and tell me which planes I can use it on.
Tnx in advance 🙂

Here's a gauge you can install - works on all jetliners:

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