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Hi. I have downloaded this aircraft, but i cant get the gauges to work. I have tried to copy the gauges to main gauge folder, but it´s still not working. Have also tried to let the gauge files stay with aircraft, but that does not work either. 😞 Its the full f14 package from this site. Is there anyone who can help? Hope so, I have tried for hours.

Christian 😀

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I don't know which you have but I have this one in my folder and if you follow the read-me step by step it should work out well.
I fly the Jolly Roger just for fun, jets aren't"my thing".



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I also downloaded the F14B Tomcat the other day and I think this is what I did and got it working fine. Sorry I'm not a computer expert so just bear with me!

. Unzip files to a temporary folder.
. Open f14bfs9a folder.
. Open gauges folder. There are 3 folders inside it called 'rcb-gauges', 'Tomcat', and 'TomcatVC'.
. Open each of these folders individually and copy-paste all the content gauge files to your fs9 gauges.

I did find that I have to click my mouse anywhere on the cockpit dash and the VC cockpit dash before the I could see the heat waves, smoke and afterburner effects which are pretty darn good to say the least!

I have had hours of fun already and will definitely keep this awsome aircraft in my hangar.

Good luck and keep persevering, its well worth the effort!

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