Still no aircraft in sight.. (adding an aircraft problem)

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OK good guys, here is what I did and FS9 did not do.
1. Uninstalled FS9 totally - got rid of everything - clean
2. Reinstalled FS9
3. Installed the FS9.1 update.
4. Ensured that the system would work (ran a simulation) - OK

5. Downloaded from this site.
6 Opened the zip and put the F14BTomcat folder into the aircraft folder of FS9
7. F14B folder contained model, sound, panel, and some other files.
8. The gauge files have two sub folders in them. I put the sub folders in the root gauges folder. They were tomcat, tomcatvc and rcb-gauges folders
9. I put the seven fx_F14.. effect files in the effects folder.
10. That should do it according to the write ups that I have seen so far. So I fired up FS9 and guess what Mad NO F14 TO BE FOUND....
11. My assumption is that the aircraft should show up in the aircraft selection when creating a flight.

Come on guys, I am computer and aircraft litterate, What's the secret hand shake?? Everybody seems to think it's easy. But to date nothing has worked. (bummed out) 😞

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Ok this is what u do , ofcaurse it happened to me too but...
Whatever it workd for me. lol.
Down to buisness: i think u just not doing it correctly so i will download thwe same tomcat for this websiite and then we'llc.

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Tell me what tomcat u downloaded?

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for the specific aircraft see the original message step 5 for the specific file.
Look on this website for military aircraft most popular.

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IFR, have you checked through all the aircraft models ? add-ons dont always show up as there named aircraft. Example........... I have an F/A-18 Hornet installed, but it does'nt show up within Aircraft model, it is right down at the bottom of the Boeing list. So I would go through them all, and I'm sure you'll find it. 😉

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I have that aircraft in my folder, it's a fast fun one to fly. I use the Jolly Roger.

Unzip it into the temporary window.
Load the contents of the gauge folder into the main gauge folder.
Load the contents of the effects folder into the main effects folder.
Put the entire remaining folder (F14B Tomcat) into the main aircraft folder.
Now launch the sim and it should be listed under Grumman.

This is the one to have, the 2004 model.


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This time I found it. I used the same method as before (choose any aircraft) then find it in the list. Perhaps getting out and back into FS9 did the trick. It was not being used at the time I put the stuff in there but perhaps it needed to cycle like typical MS products..

Thanks for your help guys..

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

I'm sorry for the capitals but it has to be said.


Once again I'm sorry about the capitals but it had to be said.

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