AI flying in pairs?!

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I've got a weird problem... I added on Project AI traffic and now all my traffic flies in pairs. These screens were just taken as I was 2 hours into a flight over the SouthWest of the USA.

Other than my framerates probably taking a hit for the doubled traffic, I just kinda find it funny that these planes are flying within a mile of each other. I'd say roughly 40-50% of my AI traffic has a double following it... Anyone have this happen before?

As an aside, does MSFS just pick aircraft from my downloaded aircraft to create AI traffic or is there a way I can designate which planes to use and which not to use? Thanks guys

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LMAO watch out from behind lol

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

This looks like you have 2 sets of flight plans for the same route installed. Try and decrease your traffic % to around 50-70% and see if that helps.

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Its a fault in the program,have you added any flight plans in the last couple of days ?

Have a read here ➡

Sphagnum1 Guest

Hey, thanks Tom. The most annoying part of this problem is that ATC is constanly screaming TRAFFIC ALERT to all these planes because they are so close. ATC is constantly warning these planes of their twins and it leaves little room for actual flight directing from ATC. I think I can fix it now that I know what hte problem is though. Thnaks

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