AI Carriers in FSX Acceleration

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Hi Guy's, can anyone help me with this problem. I have AI Carriers in my FSX Acceleration. As far as the ships contained in AI Carriers are concerned they are all working as they should, however on trying to add to them, from Flying Stations, I have only been partially successful. With the help of the folk from Flying Stations I have there carrier Ark Royal added to AI Carriers
Now the problem comes trying to add there HMS Victorious. Although all the necessary correct information is in the cvn_id.cnf file and follows on sequentially from the last entry, I cannot get the Victorious to appear when in FSX free flight and going into "add ons" where all the other ships are listed. For some reason Victorious refuses to appear in the ship lists??? Any ideas as to why this may be occurring? Thanks Wafu. 🙄

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