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Hi flying friends,
I have some very basic questions about how to integrate aircrafts in FS2004. I apologize if this has been already explained.
1. Gauge: the directory is it to be integrated in the Aircraft directoy or gauges are they to be introduced all together in the Gauge directory which is at the same level as Aircraft?
Same question for Sound?
Same question for effects, modules and maybe something else?.
Probably this structure of Flight Simulator is it detailed somewhere.
Thanks to tell me where to avoid errors.
Last question: What for is FSCONV which contains a dll?
Thanks in advance
Paris France

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First off, welcome to the forums Group Wave

Hopefully this post should answer your question:

When I download aircraft, I normally paste gauges / effects / sounds to the main FS9 folder gauges / effects and sounds folder respectively.

I think this explains the FSCONV file, but I'm not too sure:
This allows third party aircraft designers to just create
the plane ,model or texture portion only and upload it with it's panel and sound files referenced to one of the standard set of panels or sounds that are already present in the "fsfsconv" folder.

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I ll try to answer without being an expert to it.Im sure that the bests of add-ons will follow. 😉

If your download contains only a file named Aircraft you copy it to the Aircraft folder.
If it contains separate files for gauges,effects or sounds you have to extract the contents in the similar folders.

I dont know about FSCONV.

There is also a sticky that explains very well the add-ons installation process. ➡

Some extra advices is to always back up your original files before you install something and always read first the read me files.
You will find some very interesting and necessary or some times some special instructions there.

I hope i was helpful.Im sure that more people ,better than me, will come.

And of course...Welcome to Fly-Away... 👍

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