Autopilot and Glideslope on Landing


I am trying to land a B-737 and I can't line up with the runway. How do I get out autopilot and make the approach? Also, I have been reading forums and they were talking about a glideslope. I have no clue what the means. Please help me in understanding the "pilot language".
Thanks in advance.

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The lessons within Flight Simulator will teach you all about the glideslope and more. I suggest that you start with the Cessna 172, it will save you much aggravation as you learn. 🙂

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Yes, I have looked at that thread. The problem is that I dont understand a word.

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Then you are best off going through the FS9 lessons starting with the smaller aircraft. Your unlikely to be able to line up a 737 for an nice landing if you don't know the basics concerning smaller aircraft 😉

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With all due respect, you're trying to run before you can crawl.

FS 9 is quite complex when it comes to instrument landings with large jets.
Several detailed procedures to follow.
You really must go back and go through the lessons on the Cessna before anything will make any sense to you. It will all be explained to you in the lessons.
It'a a flight simulator, not mechworrior... 😉

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Hi there!

I think that you should have a go at going to the steeings and calibrating your joystick or fiddling the sensitivities of your joystick until you are comfortable with turning etc. You may prefer to have it very sensitive so a little touch turns the plane automatically or maybe not very sensitive so that the aircraft takes a big turn to turn a little. Whatever you prefer. Or you could take a few practice goes. Get into an Aircraft you feel combfortable in flying and landing and then line them up with the runway as best you can. When you are ready to approach down onto the runway change the aircraft to the one you wish to use and approach easily. Hope this helped. 🙂

CaptainDale. 😛

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