Ideal Hardware Setup for Multiple Screens in FS2004

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First off sorry if I should be posting FS2004 questions elsewhere...

I'm looking at setting up a machine to run 2 (1 view, 1 control), though ideally 4 (3 view, 1 control), screens.

What do you think I would need to run with 4 screens nicely?

While I realise that FS2004 doesn't take much advantage of Dual Cores, thinking towards FSX though Dual Core seems like a better long term investment. In which case I'd probably go with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4400.

RAM is easy and cheap. 2GB, fastest possible given whatever CPU I end up with.

Graphics Card. I keep looking at the nVidia 7800 and 6800 series, mainly for SLI purposes required to have 4 screens working. Or is there another approach apart from using SLI that will do the job?


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Sorry I just noticed that there were other FS2004 forums below. My apologies!

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