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Are you one of those people that just can’t quite master the technique of landing? Well you may want to try out the visual flight path. If you have taken the Flying Lessons on Flight Simulator 2004, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Try this guide.

1. When A.T.C have lined you up with the runway, about 20 miles or so away, click on your map icon, in the cockpit.

2. When the map is open, you will need to click on the green lines pointing to the runway, these are called ILS Feathers. Now you need to remember the radio frequency. For example, Runway 16, at Wellington international is 110.30.

3. After you have remembered the frequency, close the map and open up your radio stack, enter 110.30 or what the ILS frequency of your airport is, into NAV 1, you may need to switch the active, using the ßà button.

4. Next, click on the button up the top or down the bottom of the radio stack, that says NAV 1, or similar.

5. Finally, Press ALT, and the explore bar will appear up the top of the screen. Click on Aircraft, then, Visual Flight Path, When the VFP Displays, click Enable Visual flight path, and then O.K Go back to flying and the VFP will be visible!

Please note, this will only work with airports that have the ILS feathers.

I hope you have learned form this guide! 😀

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Nice one azabro 😉

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azabro Trainee

Thanks for that P.W

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Oh! Thanks i think that will be great for me to lear landing as a pilot should do. 😀

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It's kind of implied by your post, but you don't specifically say it-- I believe that it is necessary to have created a flight plan for the Visual Flight Path to work.

Is that your understanding, or am a I mistaken?


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Its not necessary as far as I know, I dont use the visual flight approach thing but looking at the settings I think it will just draw the boxes as long as you have the ILS freq tuned into NAV1 or NAV2 (you have to select if you are using NAV2) and the radio in question turned on (so you can hear the morse code identifier [that beeping noise])

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