ATC forgot about me

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I was flying the 737 IFR from LAX to Skyharbor last night. Had traffic at 100% with Ultimate Traffic installed. I was given landing clearence on 26R but there was way to much traffic. As I was about to land, the plane that landed before me was still on the runway. I was told to go around, and I did. With a missed apporoch I was handed off to departure then approach, but they never vectored me back to the airport. I decided to end the flight right before I crossed into New Mexico.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do you think Ultimate Traffic has something to do with it?

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Sadley, it is probably a glitch. It has happened to me a couple of times and I do not have UT. Just kept going and going. Glitch. Crying or Very sad

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It seems to me that if you circle too far out, thay do forget about you. I found that if you just turn back towards the runway, and begin your decent as if you had clearance, all of a sudden they give you the OK to land.

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I got this too. It seems that with Ultimate Traffic the airports can't cope. I've seen queues of aircraft waiting to take off and ATC telling all the incoming aircraft to go-around. Makes it very annoying when you're trying to make a landing with low fuel. I tend to just land anyway (pity there's no "declare an emergency" option).

I've also had them forget about me (every time) when there's a go-around.

It's an annoying bug that the makers of Ultimate Traffic haven't been able to sort out and "forgetfully" neglect to mention.


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