Getting more AI planes.

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Hey guys, kind of a newbie to the game. How can I step up the amount of AI planes in the game, i.e. more air traffic, frequent take off's, landings at airports. If anyone has a direct link to a site with the add on or mod please post it up here. Thanks guys.

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I have a link but it will cost you. No you won't pay me. It's payware, but it's worth it.

I use this and it's great! It not only adds more traffic but puts in real airlines as well. Make sure you get the free Edit voice pack too. That can be found in the FAQ section on that web site.

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This one is free.

This is pay. I have it, fantastic. Covers all the major airports across the world.

I posted some screen shots.

This is pay. TomTheTank can tell you he has it.

Another popular one.


NiteRider_not_logged on Guest

Thanks guys. Which one do you guys recommend and which is the best with multi-player? Does the free one really work?

I guess i'll use the search button next time. 😛 😛 And log on. 🙄

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Commercial or general air traffic? Which do you recommend?

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😀 Hello I would say give projetai a go first

Also useful will be afcad2 linked from the projectai site.This tool lets you add more parking to airports or even create your own airport(more parking means more traffic can use that airport)
There are loads of d/loads for airline or cargo traffic and really the skys the limit (the more you d/load the more traffic you get)

Its worth remembering that more traffic will put more pressure on your system(start high and work down)

For freeware it great and is in the d/load section on this site

Here's a screen shot of projectai in action ➡

I used it for quite some time before buying Traffic2004 and here's a shot of that

Both of these programs take a little time to settle down ,thats why there is so much traffic trying to get into the air
You can get around this by speeding the sim up for a couple of mins before start up(press R and + to speed up R and - to slow down)

Radarman has Ultimate traffic so he can answer any specific questions about that and Ill have a go at projectai or Traffic2004

Ive gone on abit there Oops! but I hope its helped


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