FS9 ATC upgrade

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Nelson Voigt (Nelsonvt) Trainee

I was using the FS9 with a new addition of ATC much better than the default, but I had to format my hard drive and loose this files. So I want to know if somebody knows were can I get this add´on again, because I forgot the site were I get this nice program.
Best regards to all

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Tailhook Chief Captain

If you gave us the name of the add-on program that would be very nice Idea

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Steve (SpiderWings) First Officer

I hope you find it and let me know what it is.... I would be interested in better ATC also.

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SpiderWings wrote:

I hope you find it and let me know what it is.... I would be interested in better ATC also.

NelsonVT did you get it from avsim perhaps? or from here? I know what its like.. I have so many bits and pieces installed its hard to recall where anything came from, let alone the file names.

But yes, please do post the name of the file if you find it again.

Kevin H Guest

I also had that upgrade that changed Soar, landmark etc to Air France and KLM, I found it on a chat site, but since re installing FS9, I cannot find it again, so I would be interested if anyone comes accross it

KevH Guest

Try and find David Hayes site, you still get landmark etc, but it adds on DHL, Lufthansa, Air France and many more

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