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Can anyone help me get rid of this prob. I recently uninstalled and re-installed FS2004. I do not have any other aircrafts or other files except the original ones in the folder. Every time I start the game, I get a msg

"Flight Simulator cannot find the aircraft for the requested flight. The default flight will now try to load."

The loads up and everything is fine, but this msg always comes up at loading time. Is there a solution? I tried unstalling and re-installing it in a new folder name, but that hasn't worked either.

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Here is a "solution" from MS.
I would make certain that ALL files are deleted, Windows has a bad habit of leaving files and folders behind.
Go to "My Documents" and if the Flight folder is still there dump it, and make a search of files and folders, put a checkmark in the "hidden " box to see if anything is there and then reinstall it.
I think that it's the folder in "My Documents" that's causing the problem, but I can be wrong, often. 🙄;en-us;837195


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