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Although FS2004 always worked fine om my computer now i have a problem loading every single flight. After getting to the general aircraft/weather screen i cant seem te start up a flight. During the loading process it just stops and there is nothing to do but shut down and restart and the same thing happens again. I uninstalled everything but the problem stays.....HELPPP

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Without knowing your system spec I first would clean out the old video drivers and install new ones, they can become corrupted.
If that doesn't work try what MS has in these links.;en-us;837195;en-us;894505


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check your RAM ie have u enough. is it compatible. is it configured correctly. get one of these wrong and u can have more problems than u can skake a stick @ 😎


I have a intel p. 3.0 with an ATI 9600 Pro 256MP Graphics Card.
I tried everything but nothing helps. So strange.

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Try also a spam cleaning. 😉

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